Caring for all generations

Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, in line with its efforts and determination, believes in creating value for all its stakeholders, whilst translating it into the betterment of communities, environment and the society at large through sustainable initiatives.

At Pharmatec CSR initiatives are part and parcel of all our business activities and we are at the forefront in tackling ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) issues and promote initiatives that will lead to the sustainable improvement at Pharmatec.

Pharmatec’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are divided into four broad categories:

  1. Health Care for the Underprivileged
  2. Environment Protection
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Employees – The human capital

Health Care for the Underprivileged

Pharmatec distributed medical supplies amongst the less privileged and hold regular health camps in the areas where access to healthcare is limited. The patients are given free of cost health care and medicines and free medical check-ups are conducted.

Environment Protection

Pharmatec recognizes environment protection as an integral part in its business, and seeks to contribute to a sustainable society for future generations through the promotion of initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint.

Women Empowerment

Pharmatec is playing an important role in Women Empowerment and is the proud sponsor of Women Dental Conferences to show its commitment.         

Employees as Assets

At Pharmatec employees are considered as “human capital,” rather than human resource and all employees are considered as valuable assets for our future growth.

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