Leadership & Corporate Governance

Leadership & Corporate Governance

Leadership & Corporate Governance

Message from Group CEO

I am pleased to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the Prescribers, Partners and Shareholders for their generous support in making Pharmatec a leading quality conscious company in Pakistan. This support is critical as we strive to accomplish our long-term strategic vision to become an innovative, customer focused, global healthcare company.

We at Pharmatec are proud to endeavor and dedicate ourselves to being a lifestyle management company with diverse culture of care, service delivery, quality, corporate governance, ethical and social responsible business practices. We strongly focus and emphasize on disease awareness, its management and recommend lifestyle changes for disease prevention.

Since our inception in 1993, Pharmatec has been developing and supplying pharmaceutical generics and medical devices both locally and internationally. We have launched quality products for cardiology, diabetes, psychiatry, orthopedics, dermatology and respiratory diseases. We are considered among the most progressive companies in Pakistan due to our continuous efforts in improving our production and quality control mechanisms through introduction of innovative training modules and systems.

The International Export Business of Pharmatec is growing at a very rapid stride, familiarizing our product portfolio in several countries, provided us an opportunity to gain inroads in selected markets. We are currently exporting our products to more than 20 countries internationally, and our export team is working towards expanding our international business to at least 25 countries in the near future.

Pharmatec has a dedicated Research and Development facility constantly working towards developing and improving formulations for the betterment of people. Pharmatec is amongst one of the largest manufacturers of solid, liquid and injectable dosage forms in Pakistan.

Innovation is a key area of focus which has led Pharmatec this far, and for that purpose, we collaborate and partner with leading international entities from Italy, UK, France, Switzerland and many more. We take great pride in the manufacturing of our products which adhere to the highest quality standards.

Pharmatec believes in generating value for all its stakeholders and is always striving for the betterment of communities and the environment through sustainability goals. Corporate responsibility is at the vanguard of our business and we are conscious of our role in tackling Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Our initiatives involve provision of healthcare for the underprivileged, environmental protection, women’s empowerment, gender diversity & equity and education. Hence at Pharmatec, we are driven by our motto “caring for all generations” for community at large.

I invite you to browse through the information provided in this website and learn more about what our company has to offer!

With Best Regards
Dr. Shahida Qaisar
Group Chief Executive Officer
Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.